• Rachel Peru

What's Stopping You?

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Since I started this new career as a model and podcast host I have met so many women over 40 that have inspired me and encouraged me to pursue new challenges. The media still seem to want to portray women in midlife in the old stereo typical manner of past generations. Times have changed and I speak to so many women in their forties and fifties that are embarking on new careers, learning new skills, being involved in sports for the first time and that are 100% embracing this new chapter in life.

I decided to make my first small film about some of these women in the hope that someone else might be inspired to start the thing that has been sat at the back of the mind and struggling to have the confidence to get started.

Let me introduce you to some of the women represented in the film.

Jo Moseley(@healthyhappy50) aged 54.

I've known Jo for about 12 years, our children went to the same primary school together and then we both went through similar lifestyle changes and I've been quietly watching and admiring the work Jo has been doing and her journey. She has grown and changed over the years and I have full on admiration on how she has transformed her life and what she has achieved so far, although I have a feeling she only just getting started! Jo has discovered a passion for paddle boarding and has just completed her biggest challenge to date Paddleboard The North. Jo became the first women to paddle board the 162 miles form Liverpool to Goole canal. If that wasn't enough she was also collecting litter along the way to highlight the issue of plastic pollution in our waterways.

Trudy Fielding (myvintagebeau) aged 49

Trudy left the corporate world in her mid forties to follow her passions and set up her own vintage clothing business. Her love for what she's doing is infectious and every day offers something different. If she's not found selling at vintage fairs, she can found in one of her concession shops, styling fashion shoots and now adds costume assistant for period television programmes. Trudy would be the first to admit it's hard work running her business but she wouldn't change it, her smile says it all

Rachel Lankester (magnificentmidlife) aged 53.

Rachel decided to create Magnificent Midlife through her own experiences of the lack of information out there for women in midlife and those going through the menopause. Rachel went through early menopause aged 41 and tackled all the issues head on but had to go out searching for the right kind of information and is now passionate about wanting to help other women have a more positive informative hub to go to. Her positive attitude to midlife is wonderful and her attitude to this next chapter in life is inspiring. Rachel has recently added podcast host and mid-life mentor to her titles and is openly ambitious for the future.

Imogen Clarke aged 53.

Imogen began her new writing career in her forties, learning new writing skills, completing a degree and practicing her art. After bravely self publishing her first book she was quickly picked up by Lake Union publishers, part of Amazon publishing house offering her a 3 book deal.

Imogen’s first novel Postcards from a Stranger reached the top of the Amazon kindle charts in both the UK and Australia and her following books followed suit. It's fabulous to see her growth and she is going from strength to strength securing her next book deal.

Mya Fawcett (silverymoonphotography) aged 54.

Mya started a new career as a photographer in her mid forties and I've had the pleasure of working on several shoots with her. She is a champion at encouraging women to feel more confident about themselves in front of the camera. When she put a call out on social media a few years ago for women to recreate the Loose Womens 'My Body My Story' photograph little did she know it would lead to us all recreating it live on the programme! She is so happy she made this leap of faith as it's been life changing and given her a much better work life balance.

Rhona Langan (coloursbyrhona) aged 54

After 25 years of working in the fashion industry Rhona has taken the plunge and set her own business up in her fifties. She specialises in personal colour styling and is embracing this new venture going solo.

Alongside Colours by Rhona, she also works for Phase Eight as a personal stylist (Harrogate store) and nationally as a styling ambassador and trainer. Yet another woman who certainly hasn't put the brakes on just because she's hit 50!

When I first decided to make this short film and I just thought it would be a great project to do running alongside my podcast so when the Get Smart Film festival accepted my submission I was delighted. To see the film on the big screen at Bradford University was fabulous, even if I sat watching through the gaps in my fingers! The icing on the cake was knowing it was a then played on the big screen in the centre of Bradfords City Park.The thought of this being able to reach a wider audience in my local area is amazing.

I'd love to think it may have sparked some conversations with women passing by. This experience has definitely fired my imagineer nation and I am already planning on making another short documentary next year so watch tis space! I have found my voice now and I'm on a mission.

What's Stopping you?

Have you changed your careers in midlife, started a new hobby and found new passions? I'd love to hear from you and help share your story. What's stopping you?

Rachel Peru, United Kingdom, rachelperumodel@gmail.com