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Live on Liz Greens BBC Radio Leeds show with Jo Moseley, 2019.

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Every new opportunity that comes along genuinely fills me with excitement. I was asked to go on radio presenter Liz Green's afternoon show at BBC Radio Leeds yesterday and I wasn't flying solo.

I was going on air with a great friend of mine and some one who is constantly inspiring me, Jo Moseley. Some might know Jo as HealthyHappy50 and if you don't then please do look her up on instagram because she is someone who has thrown herself into sport in her midlife and is really embracing life. Anyway that's what we were invited to talk about, our change in direction in careers and lifestyle once turning forty and in our fifties, generaton restart.

Jo and I have known each other for over 17 years through our children and have watched each other grow, both in different ways but coming together with the same message about midlife self confidence and how important it is to find time for yourself. During our train journey into Leeds we both felt unsure on how we were going to talk for the allocated time but we should have known better. I think we both could talk for hours about this subject as it's something we are both so passionate about, when the interview ended I think Jo and I were just getting started!

Liz Green made us feel very welcome and at ease, it was easy to forget the 200,00 + listeners.

BBC Radio Leeds

If you'd like listen to the show you can follow this lnk and listen in from 2.09-2.39.


Rachel Peru, Liz Green, Jo Moseley. BBC Radio Leeds

I managed to share about my 'Out of the Bubble' podcast too which I'm hoping will spread my listeners even further afield. https://anchor.fm/outofthebubble The whole reason for setting the podcast up was to inspire other midlife women by sharing stories and celebrating others achievements no matter how great or small. I really hope having the opportunity to talk on the radio yesterday about our stories inspired somebody else too. Our journey home included one missed train because we were talking so much and making plans for future collaborations and planning new projects. I came away from the day feeling even more motivated and uplifted by our conversations. The perfect example of how women supporting other women really can make all the difference.

There are some great women and resources out there who are championing midlife women and really helping motivate and inspire.

Two of my favourites are www.audreyonline.co.uk/inspirationAudrey If you want to be a part of #generationrestart then check out this online magazine which is full of articles and inspiration for those women who know there's more to life.

The Magnificent Midlife https://magnificentmidlife.com/ An online club that is very informative and offers advice making you really feel like you have a support network around you if you need it.

To find out more about Jo Moseley you can go to her website http://healthyhappy50.com/ or follow her on Instagram and Twitter for some daily inspiration @healthyhappy50 .

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