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Discovering Pink Clove fashion, Spring 2019

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

I love fashion and trying new looks and just because I'm 48 doesn't mean to say that has to stop.

I had heard about Pink Clove brand and for some reason I wrongly thought I wouldn't find clothes that would appeal to me at my age.

For those that haven't heard of this brand PinkClove.co.uk they are a plus size fashion brand with sizes from 16-28.

"Championing curves, we aim to dress and style the fuller figure, encouraging body positivity and confidence with our selection of stylish, comfortable yet affordable plus size range. Celebrate and embrace your curves with Pink Clove! ".

I am happy to be proved wrong when I was gifted these items to try, it was a reminder that age is just a number and fashion doesn't have age labels on them, wear what makes you feel good.

I used to shy away from figure hugging clothes but not any more! It's taken me years to realise baggy clothes didn't hide me at all but actually made me look bigger than I am. The right figure hugging shape makes me feel so much more confident now. Pink Clove seems great for those who have to shop on a tight budget, who would guess this outfit only costs £19 in the sale, I think it looks way more expensive.

The body suit and skirt are both a UK 16 and are a good fit. The top is actually a body suit and I admit I'm not a big fan of bodysuits, too many bad memories of squeezing myself in to them in the 80's but I do like the neckline on this one.

Lady in Red

I think Red has become my favourite colour to wear since my hair colour has grown out. It seems to give me an instant confidence boost and this dress is a stop traffic number.

I consider my self to be body confident but when I first saw these images I immediately honed in on my round tummy. There really is nowhere to hide in it. It doesn't matter how body confident we are we all have a tiny demon in our heads trying to knock our confidence down. I guess Spanx may have helped but I wanted to show the real me wearing it and actually I quickly got over myself and can now see womanly curves that are natural and a beautiful part of me.

My top 3 wish list

I've actually ordered this one as I'm a big fan of jumpsuits and I love the scalloped neckline detail. Not only are they comfortable but they make you look stylish without a lot of effort. I'll be wearing this with a vintage scarf and trainers, I'm a flat shoe kind of woman. Watch this space!

I used to shy away from print but I love the shapes of this one and the flattering twist detail at the front.

I am not sure I could carry the length of this dress off but I do LOVE IT for the right occasion!



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