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An evening with This Is Jules & Feather & Flock

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Have you ever scrolled through instagram reading posts about some great networking events that you know you'd love, but imposter syndrome stops you? That's been my problem for awhile, I am so much more confident than I used to be and if it's a work event related to modelling I am fine, but when it comes to owning all the other things, the podcast and blogging, it's much harder. I have recently started working with a great mentor and life coach called Suzy Bastone and she's definitely helping me unlock the barriers I've been putting up. So I finally took myself in hand and attended my first York Insta Meet to hear from Julia Williams (ThisisJules) and Bridget Mackinnon (Feather & Flock).

So after sitting outside in the car for ten minutes watching everyone go in I took a deep breath and opened the door!

Richard Allen collection from H&M, photographed by Hannah Brooke photography

Founded by Caroline Smith (Drs.,Wife) and now run with Louise (Peony&Grace) Yorksinstameet is a group for creative businesses in and near Yorkshire to meet, encourage collaborations, inspire and learn from each other. I don't know why I was worried about it, it's that irrational anxiety that seems to have been exacerbated being peri-menopausal. As soon I walked in I was greeted with warm friendly smiles and with in the first 15 minutes had been introduced to two fellow podcasters.

Bax Botanics non-alcoholic gin.

I am a Gin girl, it's always been my go to drink and I was so surprised with how good Bax Botanics non-alcoholic gin tastes and its made in Yorkshire.

I tried the Verbena but they also do a Sea Blackthorn which sounds interesting, I'm actually seeing them at another event next week so I'll let you know! I do think this could be a great alternative to those nights when you're driving.

PanSushi, homemade sushi.

Next stop a few tasty nibbles from PanSushi, home made sushi and the vegetarian options were delicious. What struck me walking about the event was how supportive everyone was of each other and how important it is to collaborate and celebrate all the good things that are going in Yorkshire.

The venue was a real home inspiration heaven. I haven't been to the Arlo & Jacob showroom in Harrogate before but I will definitely be dragging Mark back with me as we are still on the hunt for the perfect sofa.

We've lived in our house for nearly five years and have hardly touched it, our to do lists get longer by the day and I have promised to tackle the living room before Christmas. Watch this space!

Designer furniture heaven in Arlo & Jacob showroom, Harrogate.

I loved this Blue L shaped sofa, I would actually like to just transport this little corner in to our house.

Not just your standard furniture shop, I loved walking around and admiring all the non matching displays which is my preferred design style.

What a great venue for a speaking event, we certainly all had comfortable seats! Arlo & Jacob, Harrogate.

After a good hour it was time to settle down to hear from Jules and Bridget. Both these ladies have created a successful on line career as bloggers with high profile social media accounts alongside. It was interesting to hear about their journey and tips, especially their opinions on the changing times of Istagram and algorithms. I came away feeling happy to hear that they both recommended that you spread yourself across lots of different projects to help gain better security whilst strengthening your brand. I love modelling but I also find working on my podcast inspires me and I really enjoy writing blogs. I have done lots of guest blogposts for people and they gained great feedback so it seemed to make sense for me to try and do it for myself and develop this further.

Great talk from both Jules and Bridget.

Would I recommend going to a network event without knowing anyone? Absolutely, yes!

I have already booked my place at their next event and can't wait to hear from instagram expert & coach Sara Tasker (Me & Orla).

Another reminder to myself to keep walking out of my comfort zone, I've never regretted it yet.

Rachel x

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